Don’t Waste Time Driving to the Gas Station

Fuel transportation services in Burley, ID and surrounding areas

Keeping your company’s fleet fueled can be a challenge in itself. Fortunately, Lynch Oil, Inc. is up to the task. We’re your reliable fuel distributor based in the Burley, ID, with top-quality gas at competitive prices. Our drivers have been delivering fuel to gas stations, farms and trucking companies for more than 90 years.

We offer regular, mid-grade and premium fuel from:

Sinclair | Super S | Tesoro | Chevron | Petro-Canada

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We work around your schedule

We work around your schedule

Whether you need fuel delivered daily or weekly, you can count on our crew to always be at your location on time.

We’ve worked hard to become a trusted fuel supplier serving all of southern Idaho. Call 208-678-9009 today to schedule fuel delivery. We also deliver lubricants, propane and diesel.