Never Worry About Running Out of Ice Again

Never Worry About Running Out of Ice Again

Hire a dependable ice distributor in Burley, ID

Magic Ice is the company to trust when you need clean ice delivered to your personal use, grocery store, gas station or other business. Our crew has worked hard to become your go-to ice supplier in the Southeast Idaho area. Contact Magic Ice for:

  • Clean product: We take pride in making sure our ice factory is always pristine and produces the purest product.
  • Multiple options: we sell 7lb crushed, as well as 15 lb. solid blocks. You can come to our warehouse and buy direct.

  • Call Magic Ice at 208-678-9009 right away to schedule ice delivery services

    Committed to on time delivery services

    We know you can’t wait long when your ice starts to run low. That’s why we’re dedicated to ensuring your ice box is always fully stocked.

    Book ice delivery services with Magic Ice in Burley, ID today.